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Product Description

The Shake, Burn And Tone 21 Day Challenge Plan 4 is the perfect way to start your day - balanced nutrition with an energy boost. This plan will give you access to our 21 day challenge which will help you to cut body fat, create definition and feel energised to take part in workouts. 

Throughout your challenge you will start your day with our Formula 1 is our award-winning smoothie at the heart of all our breakfast plans. This creates the ultimate smoothie that gives your body the nutrition it deserves, in a low calorie, nutrient dense form. This plan also includes the benefits of other products to start your day the right way - Protein Drink Mix, Thermo Tea and Oat Apple Fibre.

A well balanced, high protein meal is the best way to start the day. The protein in our Formula 1 and Protein Drink Mix will keep you feeling fuller for longer and the energy boosting tea will help to prevent a mid-morning energy slump. 

A well balanced, high protein meal is the best way to start the day. The protein in our Formula 1 and Protein Drink Mix will keep you feeling fuller for longer and the energy boosting tea will help to prevent a mid-morning energy slump.

Part of our digestive health range, Oat Apple Fibre helps to increase your daily fibre intake. Adults should be aiming for 30g of fibre a day, but, on average, we eat much less than this – about 20g a day. 

Increasing our fibre intake can help to make us feel fuller as fibre stays in the digestive tract longer than most other nutrients which helps to manage our appetite. Fibre also provides food for the good bacteria that reside on our gut, allowing them to thrive and support our gut and overall health.  


Key Benefits of Formula 1  

  •     Approx 220 calories per serving (200 when mixed with Protein Drink Mix) 
  •     18g protein per serving (25g when mixed with 28g Protein Drink Mix)
  •     5g of fibre per serving
  •     25 vitamins and minerals per serving, including chromium that helps the body    maintain normal and stable blood sugar levels
  •     11 incredible flavours  (including one that’s free from soya, dairy and gluten) 
  •     All flavours are vegan and gluten free

How to use

Ready in under 2 minutes, simply shake or blend 26g of the Formula 1 flavour of your choice with 250ml of milk. Choose a dairy free milk alternative for a completely vegan shake - we recommend using soya, oat or almond milk instead of dairy milk for a healthier, leaner smoothie.  

Top tip - Ditch the milk altogether and use our Protein Drink Mix and water for a nutrient dense shake and even fewer calories.  

For everyday nutrition, replace breakfast with a Formula 1 shake. For weight loss, replace lunch as well. 

Key benefits of Protein Drink Mix

  •     15g of high quality soy protein
  •     20 essential vitamins and minerals
  •     7g of carbohydrates
  •     110 calories when mixed with water

How to use

Add 28g of Protein Drink Mix and 26g of your favourite Formula 1 shake to 300-350ml of cold water, blend and enjoy as a balanced meal replacement.

To enjoy Protein Drink Mix on its own as a healthy high protein shake, simply mix 28g with water and shake or blend.

Key Benefits of Thermo Tea 

  •   4 delicious flavours
  •   85mg natural caffeine
  •   Green and black tea blend
  •   Low calorie (6 calories per serving)
  •   Enjoy hot or cold depending on your preference
  •   Thermogenic properties to boost metabolism

How to use 

Mix ½ tsp of Thermo Tea with either hot or cold water (top tip – if using boiling water, add a splash of cold water first.)

Top tip - for an even tastier beverage, add our Aloe Mango to your Thermo Tea. 

Key benefits of Oat Apple Fibre

  •     Contains 5g soluble and insoluble fibre
  •     Sugar free
  •     No artificial sweeteners
  •     18 calories per serving
  •     6 fibre sources
  •     Enjoy mixed with your smoothie or mixed in water


Top tip - Oat Apple Fibre tastes great mixed with 14g Protein Drink Mix or Vegan Protein Drink Mix and gently heated to make a warming drink. 

Weight Loss Programme

For weight loss you will substitute 2 out of your 3 main meals per day with the Formula 1 shake and have this alongside a healthy and balanced diet.

For weight maintenance and nutrition you will substitute 1 meal out of your 3 main meals per day with the Formula 1 shake. Only Formula 1 can be used as a full meal replacement for weight control, all other products are food supplements and supporting products.

What is included

  • Formula 1 shake
  • Protein Drink Mix
  • Oat Apple Fibre
  • Instant Herbal Beverage
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Compromising on your health due to a busy life style is a thing of the past, we have the nutrition your body needs to give you the results you want in a quick, effective and easy solution. Our products and plans offer the ultimate solution to achieving weight loss, increasing in energy, building lean muscle and helping to get your body in a state of optimal health. Start todays and become one of the 5.3 million daily shake consumers.

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Why do our meal replacement shakes work?

Nowadays people are on-the-go and are often too busy to have a fully complete balanced meal to fuel their body, which is where Herbalife provide an easy solution to giving your body exactly what it needs, designed to provide you with the nutrition your body would normally get from a high calorie meal, but in a lower calorie option, without cutting your essential nutrients, making it easier for anyone on a health or weight loss journey also.

By why Herbalife?

Herbalife has been awarded the Number 1 nutrition brand in the world for meal replacement shakes and for best breakfast, and is consumed and sold in over 96 countries. All products have been formulated by leading experts from around the world in science, nutrition and health and are all scientifically tested and approved taking out any worry of what goes into your products. All products are built up of only the finest high quality ingredients. Herbalife produce the most demanding safety and quality standards in the industry and all products are certified Pharmaceutical graded.

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Targeted nutrition to suit all goals.

No matter the goal, we have a solution for everyone. Herbalife have successfully helped thousands of people to lose weight, lean up, gain energy, improve their health, lifestyle and wellbeing and to increase their performance in fitness also. We have products to cover all goals, be it weight, energy, fitness, health or for a more targeted health solution. We have products proven to improve wellness, cholesterol, heart health, energy and sleep, everything you could need, Herbalife has you covered.

Make a decision today to start your journey to a better, healthier you!

Our products provide valuable and essential vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates to give your body exactly what it requires for fuel and to support your health goals. With every products purchased you will have free access to join one of our health or fitness challenges and join our community where you can gain tips and get advice and support on how to achieve your best results.