3 Healthy snacks we recommend for you

3 Healthy snacks we recommend for you

When we're hungry, we tend to look too unhealthy fat and carbohydrate-rich foods to satisfy us. This is when we tend to make some of the worst food choices. Our healthy snacks are designed to keep you full in-between meals, to stop you getting hungry and craving foods you know aren't good for you! So here are 3 of our favourites which we recommend for you:

Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, treat yourself to a Herbalife Protein Bar. Each deliciously chewy bar is packed with nutrition and covered with a delicious chocolate coating. So it satisfies your sweet tooth and gives you valuable soy protein between meals. Ideal for the active lifestyle and weight management. 10 grams of soy protein. A perfect on-the-go snack. DETAILS Protein bars are sold in boxes of fourteen 35g bars and are available in three flavours Chocolate Peanut Lemon Citrus Vanilla Almond
Designed for ultimate portability, the new Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Bar has been scientifically formulated to have all the benefits of the Formula 1 shake and is packaged for people on the move. Enjoy the following benefits: Only 207 calories! Can be used for meal-replacement, as part of a calorie controlled diet. Suitable for vegetarians. Low GI - Provides you with sustained energy.
Formula 1 Healthy Meal Bars are sold in boxes of 7 bars and are available in two flavours: Chocolate - with a chocolate base and chocolate chips. Super Berry - with a yoghurt base and blueberries, acacia berries and pomegranate (superfruits). Herbalife weight-management and nutrition programmes are intended for use as part of a healthy diet in conjunction with a regular physical activity. It is important to maintain adequate fluid intake. Weight control is achieved with a calorie-controlled eating plan.

Gourmet Tomato Soup, with basil and oregano, features all the traditional flavours of fine Mediterranean cuisine, and as you've come to expect with Herbalife has the following additional benefits: Eight times the protein of regular tomato soup* Scientifically advanced: contains tomato lycopene and prebiotic inulin fibre
High in protein and fibre for sustained energy and to help you feel fuller for longer and provide satiety Indulge in the popular Mediterranean flavours of basil and oregano Only 104 kcals Suitable for vegetarians.

Soup is a high volume, low energy food, it provides the feeling of satiety and fullness, without the extra calories often found in larger meals or less healthy, convenient snacks.

Mediterranean diets are regarded as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Now Herbalife offers you a taste of the Mediterranean with this healthy savoury snack option, at only 104 calories!
Gourmet Tomato Soup is sold in a 21 serving packet (672 g) and is designed to be enjoyed as a healthy calorie-controlled snack during the day or as an appetiser before lunch or dinner. Mix 2½ tablespoons (32 g) with 200 ml of hot or cold water and mix well. When using the Herbalife spoon, use 2 large + 2 small levelled scoops. The Composition of Foods; Food Standards Agency and the Institute of Food Research in the UK, 2006.

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