Ferne's Plan

Ferne's plans use the same balanced nutrition meal replacements to get your results - only you need to add some workouts too! Which we have covered for you! We have filmed a variety of workouts for you to follow alongside your plan, including some from Danni and Ferne's PT Ellie!
Our nutrition is all balanced, i.e. includes a healthy combination of protein, healthy fats & carbs - which is perfect for long term, sustainable results. You'll also have access to our free love your food guide so you can get maximum results.
When you buy a plan you will be put in touch with one of our customer support coaches who can help you with any questions around our plans, products and also send you more workouts as we make them, you'll have the support to hand whenever you need!
Included with every one of our plans:
✓ FREE workout guide
✓ FREE recipe guide
✓ 5 points for every £1 you spend

✓ Invitation to Danni's Facebook Group
Ferne's Plan
Ferne's Plan
All the products Ferne used to get her amazing results