The Dreaded "Detox" 😰

The Dreaded "Detox" 😰

Nov 07, 2018

The Dreaded "Detox" 😰

Transformation journey’s are never just sunshine and rainbows. If you’re just starting out, you may have found that in the first week you lost quite a bit of weight and noticed a difference straight away! But by week 2, you’re doing exactly the same as week 1 but you’re experiencing things like headaches or bloating 😰


What is this?


This is what is known as ‘detox’. Don’t panic, this is more common than you think! About 25% of people experience the effects of detox. These symptoms could be bloating, headaches, stomach ache, going to the toilet more (or less).


Why does this happen?


Think about it - you’ve been living a certain lifestyle for months, possibly even years. You might have been skipping breakfast, snacking on foods that are high in sugars or eating large portions. Then you take the first step in using Herbalife products and it’s a complete change to what you’re used to! The feelings of detox are not caused by the products directly, it’s simple your body adjusting to the change and getting rid of the toxins.


What should I do?


We know the feeling of detox, and to be honest, it feels rubbish. But it’s a good sign! These feelings will pass and once it’s over you’ll come out feeling better than before.


This is why we advise taking your measurements and pictures before you start using the products, so once you’ve passed the detox stage you can see the difference. And stay off the scales! Muscle takes up less room than fat so although you might not see a difference in the number on the scales, you’ll see a change in your body composition. So take pics throughout your journey to remind yourself how far you’ve come already!

Make sure you:
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, aim for 3 if you can!
  • Have healthy snacks in between meals (snacks should be under or 200 calories and at least 10g of protein) If you’re stuck for ideas check out our app or the client support group!
  • Be active! If you don’t make the time to exercise, chose the active option! E.g. choose the stairs instead of the lift.