How to Detox for 2021!

How to Detox for 2021!

Jan 04, 2021

How to Detox for 2021!

A New Years Detox is awaiting you…

It’s come to that time of year where we reflect, set goals and cleanse. 

Usually after the Christmas festivities, the relentless amounts of wine and wholesome dinners we have consumed, we start to notice the effects this may have had on our weight and health, and start wanting to take action.

That is why January 2021 will be a year of good health. 

So to start your New Year Detox it is important to:

1. Have a good plan in place, you probably want one of the best, which is where you’ll need a Herbal Plan

2. You'll be added into a supportive community, that will encourage and motivate you on a journey of health and happiness

3. You'll have your own support coach as an added extra to also help you achieve your goals

The go-to January Herbal Plan:


Danni’s Breakfast Plan

Start your day the healthier way. You will get a healthy dose of 25 key vitamins and minerals, and only natural sugars to kick start your day with the nutritious Formula 1 shake included. The Formula 1 is also rich in protein from dairy and soy to help you reach your protein target as best as you can every day too. Starting your day with a balance of macros and micro nutrients through consuming the Formula 1 shakes will help to regulate your blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day, which will in turn reduce spikes in your blood sugars levels later on, which will help to stop those sugar cravings that can creep up.

To ensure your energy and health is at its optimum:

Danni’s breakfast plan includes the Instant Herbal Beverage Tea, which will  replace your usual go-to coffee and tea. This little pot of magic is super low in calories but contains 85mg of caffeine to help improve alertness, memory and also improve concentration. This beverage also contains a green tea extract that promotes weight loss. The Instant beverage tea acts as a natural fat burner for the body, burning between 80-100 calories per cup.

And because water is key for weight loss:

Your plan will come complete with Danni’s favourite Aloe Mango juice - which is delicious mixed with either water or your Instant Herbal Beverage Tea. Drinking water throughout the day will increase your hydration levels and boost your metabolism to help to increase your weight loss.  By adding Aloe Mango into your diet, you will also reduce the signs of bloating too which is one thing we dream of. 

With your Herbal Plan you will be able to be a part of our community and have the full support of your very own personal health support coach too. Whom will be able to guide you throughout your new journey, set you up with a plan dependent on your particular goals, current weight and lifestyle to help you detox and make your goals achievable and realistic.

See you there X