Top Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Top Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Feb 12, 2021

Top Tips To Boost Your Immune System

6 Top tips to boost your immune system

Now, more than ever, having a strong immune system is vital for our daily lives. A weakened immune system can make you more susceptible to illness and make you feel tired, weak and run-down, to only mention a few symptoms.

So, how can you boost your immune system through your diet and lifestyle? Here are six top tips to consider.

1. Load up on fruits and veggies

Packed with nutrients and vitamins, fruits and veggies are perfect choices that will ensure you get a healthy dose of immune-boosting benefits. Look out for those foods that have a healthy vitamin C and E content, which are natural antioxidants. Oranges, strawberries, spinach, nuts, seeds and red bell peppers, for instance, are all great examples.


2. Add an extra help of approved vitamin supplements

Opt for trusted, scientifically proven vitamins to build up and protect your immunity. If you are already getting nutrition and vitamins from the Herbalplan Formula 1 shakes, opt for the Formula 2 vitamins which will complement your Formula 1 product by ensuring your body holds on to those vital vitamins. The Formula 2 Vitamin and Mineral Complex help to give your body a boost of B12, B16, Calcium and Zinc and are formulated to work alongside your Formula 1. Don’t forget to also seek out natural remedies too. Garlic, for instance, is an immune-boosting food that is equally good for your heart health too, while turmeric is an amazing immune system regulator.

Find out more about the supporting immune health options available here.


3. Get enough sleep

Remember our blog about getting enough sleep every night? Over and above helping to aid your weight loss journey, adequate sleep will help your body to rest and repair and be rested. Insufficient sleep means your energy levels are low and you won’t recover as fast from illness or injury. So, ensure you get those 40 winks to boost your immune system!

4. Make time for exercise

Being fit can strengthen your immune system, thanks to improved blood circulation, lowered blood pressure and overall health. Luckily, you don’t need to run a marathon to stay fit – even weekly yoga sessions can help you to stay fit. Simply choose an activity that works for you!

5. Wash your hands often

Washing your hands regularly will ensure that you do not spread germs to your mouth, food or other areas. Always keep hand sanitiser close and wash your hand before working with food or before leaving the bathroom.

6. Ditch the cigarettes, if possible

Smoking has been linked to cardiovascular disease and even cancer, making it a dangerous habit to maintain. Consider quitting this habit to improve your overall health – there are measures, such as chewing nicotine gum that can assist with this.

Choose a healthy lifestyle – it is that easy!

Healthy habits can provide immense value when it comes to boosting your immune system. So, make the most of every day and ensure you let go of bad habits that could inhibit your body’s response to infection. Embrace a healthy lifestyle, and you will truly reap all the benefits that it brings!

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