How To Make A Christmas Hamper

*  Warning! You may want to forward this blog to your partner, significant other, or anyone asking you just what you’d like this year under your tree.
Or if you're deciding what to buy for others, give them that WOW factor with these goodies!
Tis the season to be jolly and healthy!
So, we have the perfect stocking filler ideas
To guarantee you will be the best Santa this year! 
Herbalife Nutrition Cookbook has the perfect recipes you can try at home and is a gift that really does suit anyone. We’ve seen a lot of home chefs popping up this year with so much time spent at home, why not give the gift of great food with this amazingly refreshing cookbook. With only a few ingredients needed to make cooking simpler, easier and still as tasty. The cookbook also includes vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes too!
Everyone loves a sweet treat at Christmas! Our protein bars come in three delicious flavours and are the perfect snack for when you crave something super sweet.
Top Tip: Cut the protein bars into 4 even pieces and squish down with the back of a spoon, then bake for 5 minutes - did someone say Christmas cookies! 
Our Formula 1 is available in sachets which is so ideal for those on the go. So you can manage your health and wellbeing choices wherever you are.
Make this the ultimate gift for those busy bodies who are always on the go with a Herbalife branded shaker. Pick their favourite colour too with a choice of pink, orange, blue, green or purple!
Now, you've covered the nutrition! Let's see what we have in store for the perfect self care gifts...
Let your loved ones enjoy the perfect cup of Instant Beverage Tea while helping them to restore energy levels, boost metabolism, give them that extra hydration and plenty of health benefits all in one go... Because let's face it, we all love the perfect cuppa!  
Herbalife Scoop at just £0.99 it's a perfect little extra for measuring your shake and your tea!
Christmas Beauty 
The perfect little extra at Christmas... Strengthening shampoo and strengthening conditioner will help restore the hair this winter to leave it shining for all festivities. 
This one is for pretty much anyone who values their skin and likes to take a little pride in self care... our dermatologist approved skin care makes for the most rewarding gift this year. Helps to remove dirt and absorb any excess oils - give the gift of perfect Christmas skin.
This is the perfect go to, to get that glowing skin we all crave! The Mandarian Citrus Scent provides hydration to your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and awake - yep, another winner with this one!
Bundle up your individual skin care products to create a more personal hamper (keep reading for hamper tips)
So if you want to take a more creative toll on your Christmas gifts this year, find joy in creating a festive Christmas hamper. We've got some top tips on how to compile your selected gifts together.
Oh and don't forget if you're feeling extra festive add in our favourite festive flavour - Spiced Apple
 Christmas Hamper
Top tips on creating your perfect festive hamper:
All you will need is a wicker basket or gift box, tissue paper, ribbon, twine and anything else christmassy (optional cellophane) - you can be as creative as you like here!
Start with your base and layer in lots of festive coloured tissue paper, then carefully lay out your gifts to display what is inside the basket / box. Next, add in any Christmassy extras you can find laying around - think fake snow, tinsel, baubles, the list is endless. Next up either wrap your box in a pretty ribbon and bow, or wrap your hamper in a clear cellophane and finish with a ribbon. Ta-da, as easy a making a Christmas pie!  
Enjoy the most rewards Christmas gift of giving this year!
The Herbal Plan Team


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