How To Stay Dedicated To Your Workout

Feb 22, 2021

How To Stay Dedicated To Your Workout

5 Ways to stay dedicated to your workout 

Does the idea of heading to the gym or exercise studio make you drag your feet? Would you much rather avoid exercise at all cost?

Exercise might at times feel like one big slog – especially if you are limited with time and locations. However, staying dedicated to your exercise routine comes with big benefits, including, shaping and toning your body, assisting you in your weight loss journey and overall just keeping you healthy and in tip-top shape.

Need some advice on staying on track with your workout routine? Here are five tips to get you started. 

1. Choose a workout that you will actually enjoy

Do you love the elegance of yoga? Or are you more of a hit the ground running type of person? It is important when you decide on an exercise routine that it is something that you will enjoy – do not settle for something that you are going to loathe doing simply for the results you’ve heard you will get from it. If you are someone that prefers at home workouts rather than running then plan in time for you to follow through with your at home workout. 

2. Need support? Consider online classes

As many of us have been social distancing this year, getting together in a group exercise class setup in person is not always possible – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get together in a group to exercise! We offer 21 day challenges with free live workouts every single day, so there really isn't any excuses.

Or opt for our pre-recorded lessons on our customer hub, you will still get the support of a coach that you can get in touch with for advice and how to improve your workout!

3. Dress up, show up!

Having the right exercise gear can play a big part in staying motivated to your exercise routine. Comfortable trainers, exercise apparel that fits comfortably and accessories such as yoga mats or gym gloves if you are weight training will help you get into the mindset of being ready for exercise. Sometimes prepping your gym wear the night before is also a major saviour - you already have your mindset right the night prior to working out and this allows you to wake up and change into your workout clothes straight away, you really will be showing up for your next workout. 

4. Prefer to stay indoors? How about an exercise app!

There are lots of workouts on YouTube at the moment. You’ve likely seen ads for these when you’ve scrolled your social media feeds, so why not check out which one could work the best for you? The beauty of these apps is that you can do exercise from the comfort from your home, as and when you have time and won’t be disturbed! 


5. Keep track of your achievements

See our fifth tip as your “brag book” of inspiration for keeping track of all you have achieved with your workout routine for the week. Make notes of your achievements and set new goals for the week ahead. Extra rep or 10 minutes more of exercise? Why not!

Plan your post workout achievement - whether this is a high protein snack or our post workout chocolate protein shake, you'll be working harder knowing your healthy treat is awaiting you... Oh and did we mention our chocolate Rebuild Strength shake has been compared numerous amounts of time to a McDonald's chocolate milkshake for taste, yep we know, who'd have thought being healthy could taste so great. Check it out here.

Keeping on going and crush your workout goals! 

With daily responsibilities and other deadlines, it can be difficult to make time for exercise, but with the right mindset, you can make it happen. Just keep on going and you will reach your workout targets every week, without fail!

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