Why Isn't Love In The Air?

Why Isn't Love In The Air?

Nov 11, 2020

Why Isn't Love In The Air?

Today is National Singles Day! 

It is time to become the best and live life to the fullest!

Love may not be in the air but here are five top tips you need to follow to live and love life, just for you...

1. Take care of yourself

This is rule no.1. Making yourself a priority is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with your mind and body. Practice self-care to provide balance to your life and increase your self-worth.


2. Get in shape and tone up

Keep a routine where you take part in physical activities every day. Feel-good chemicals endorphins will release into your body making you feel the best. 

Try our Rebuild Strength! It promotes lean muscle growth with 25g of high-quality dairy proteins. Creating a rapid and sustained muscle-building state. Keeping to a consistent workout routine and using the right products to fully support those workouts will help you get into your best shape ever.

3. Eat well

Maintain a well-balanced diet to ensure you are having all the vitamins and minerals your body requires to feel and look the best.

4. Keep motivated

Every day wake up with a smile and set you intention for the day ahead. Having a goal in mind will keep you productive and encouraged to conquer your goals!

5. Create a vision board

You can make this as creative as you please. This will be a representation of your desires and aspirations in life. Each day set your intentions to be inspired and become steps closer in reaching your biggest life goals.


Now is the time to go and live your best life! By taking care of YOU and doing the things YOU love, being single is in fact a blessing in disguise ;) You have more time to focus on loving yourself til your match makes an appearance.

Till then go and start your plan today with our Challenge Starter Plan.

It really is the perfect way to start your day right, and also a healthy way too. You will love it and you'll love focusing on you!