Weight Loss Facts That May Surprise You 😱

Weight Loss Facts That May Surprise You 😱

Nov 13, 2020

Weight Loss Facts That May Surprise You 😱


There is a lot of advice easily available for people to read in this day and age, and we just assume it is wrong if it isn’t proven by science!

We often question what actually works?

Here are the ultimate surprising weight loss tips you need to know about to help you to lose weight:

1. Have a cup of coffee

Coffee is FULL of antioxidants and actually has several health benefits as it helps to boost your metabolism and increases fat burning by up to 29%.Β 

Try our High Protein Iced CoffeeΒ as a healthier alternative. It is the perfect pick me up drink to keep you energised, satisfy hunger and help aid weight loss as well.

2. Focus on the quality of your meals - quality not quantity

Make sure what you consume provides you with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, good fats vitamins and minerals. Not only will you maintain a healthy body but also a healthy mind too, preventing you from overeating.


3. Do NOT skip breakfast

Make sure your stomach is stocked up with all the nutrients and minerals you need to start the day the right way. Try our Formula 1 Shake! It is the NUMBER 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.

Available in 10 flavours, now vegan-friendly, dairy, gluten and lactose-free too!Β 

4. Drink water

It is often speculated that it can help weight loss and it is so true!

Not only that but it also boosts metabolism, which helps burn calories!

To make sure you achieve your 2 litres per day water goal add Herbal Aloe ConcentrateΒ to your water!

5. Squeeze in an AM workout too

Research has proven that exercise reduces your appetite and decreases your motivation for food throughout the day.


6. Turn the lights down low

You may be thinking how does having your light on or off help you to lose weight? But research found that if you ate in an environment with soft lighting, you are more likely to consume fewer calories, than if you were in a bright or loud environment.Β 

7. Clench on those cravings

Did you know if you tighten your muscles, whether this be your hand, finger or bicep it shows you have strength, the willpower to say NO... to tempting foods, making it easier for you to shred weight.

Follow these seven simple steps to make your weight loss journey happen!