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Week 1 Videos

Workout 1 Bootcamp 1

Deadlift Technique

It's All About You

Workout 2 Bootcamp 2

Squat Technique

It's Your Journey

Workout 3 Bootcamp 3

Clean & Press Technique

Keep It Going

Fitness Challenge

Week 2 Videos

Workout 1 Bootcamp 4

The Benefits Of Cardio

Workout 2 Bootcamp 5

The Benefits Of Weights

Workout 3 Bootcamp 6

The Benefits Of Core

Fitness Challenge

Week 3 Videos

Workout 1 Bootcamp 4

How To Make Time For Fitness

Workout 2 Bootcamp 5

Being More Active

Workout 3 Bootcamp 6

The Importance Of Progression & Variety

Fitness Challenge



This 21 day challenge will leave you feeling fit, healthy and shredded. This challenge includes a full diet plan made up of tasty shakes, meals and snacks that will not only help you reach your goal, but are also easy to follow and full of all the nutrients needed to fuel your body the right way. The 3 workouts a week follow a bootcamp style and are great fun with a fitness challenge at the end of each week to see how much your fitness has progressed. The challenge also includes videos on nutrition, lifestyle and mindset that are full of priceless guidance and tips to really elevate your results. The perfect combination of a good diet with calorie burning workouts will get you shredding those pounds and feeling fit, healthy and full of energy.