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How Do You Reduce Stomach Fat?
Loose lower belly stomach fat by sticking to our top stomach fat weight loss tips. Focusing on nutrition can reduce the lower belly fat that people struggle to shift with exercise alone.
Are Herbalife Products Vegan Friendly?

People often ask, if Herbalife vegan? Well the answer is yes, we cater to a vegan lifestyle with a weight loss plan for the vegan diet as well as a non vegan diet. Here are our key nutritional tips for weight loss in a vegan diet.

Mushroom & Herb Recipes You Need To Try 🍄
Busy day, lacking inspiration, struggling to find a quick and easy healthy recipe?  Well, not to worry because your lunch time shake is about to be a total game changer for weight loss, we’ve got the perfect recipes to keep...
Weight Loss Facts That May Surprise You 😱
There's so much weight loss advice out there today, but where do you start? We have the top weight loss tips and weight loss plans to make losing weight achievable and fit into your every day routine.
Why Isn't Love In The Air?
National Singles Day means one thing, we're providing our top self love tips to stay motivated, healthy and happy.
The Top 10 Foods For Bulking 💪🏼
Learn the foods you should be eating to get those ultimate gains. Whether you're building lean muscle or heavy muscle you need to know these!
How To Cut Out Sugar In Just 7 Days!
Sweet tooth? Finding it hard to say no to indulging? We have the best tips to keep you on track and help to eliminate sugar altogether!
Cookie Crunch Protein Pancakes 🥞

10 minute, healthy, delicious, high protein and guilt free pancakes made with just 4 ingredients... Let's stack 'em up.

Did You Know That The Aloe Vera Plant Can Help Support Weight Loss?

Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant can help stimulate weight loss? Here is how it works and our top tips...

The Weight Loss Myth Busters You Need To Know The Truth About! 🤸🏽‍♂️
Sometimes it's hard to know what facts are right about weight loss. We are busting those weight loss myths to help you lose weight as easy as possible without any fad diets.
Chocolate Almond Protein Bites 🍫
Keep your active lifestyle fuelled with these delicious, healthy on-the-go snacks to give you a high protein, low calorie alternative to snacking.
Mental Health Awareness - Time To Help One Another and Improve Our Health
How your health can support with mental health - self care tips to keep you going through the tougher times.
High Protein Spinach Omlette 🍳

A delicious high protein savoury wrap to have as a perfect snack or to fill with veggies for a light lunch idea.

5 Minute Delicious Banana Cream And Almond Overnight Oats 🍌
Easy and delicious 5 minute overnight oats to kickstart your day the right way!
Quick Pea and Mint Soup with Danni and Ferne

Treat your taste buds with Danni and Fernes low calorie take on a Pea and Mint Soup! 

Diets vs Lifestyle Changes 🎯
If you’re looking to lose weight or change shape, then the chances are, you’ve thought about crash dieting.
Eating During Pregnancy - What Can & Can't I Eat? 🤷🏼‍♀️
If you’re pregnant (congratulations!) then amongst all the other things you’re thinking about – your changing body shape, baby names, how to stay healthy and giving birth – you’re probably also thinking about what you should and shouldn’t be eating....
Want A Balanced Diet? Here's 3 Things To Keep In Mind..
Regardless of your fitness goals, you’ve likely been bombarded with advice on how and what you should eat. Some will recommend upping your fibre and others will focus more on your calorie intake; however, food is personal. What works for...
Nutritional Myth - Busted! Muscle Does Not Weigh More Than Fat 🙅🏼‍♀️
Frustrated by the stagnancy of your scale? If so, you might’ve come across the myth that your muscles weigh more than fat. According to its convention, the lack of change or the increase on a weighing machine is the result...
How Taking Care of Your Inner Nutrition Affects Your Skin 🧖🏽‍♀️
Nutrition isn’t just important for your physical fitness! It plays a vital role in promoting good skincare as well. Think back to all the food-based skin treatments being sold in markets to nourish your skin through the various benefits locked...
Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight? This Might Be Why..
Losing weight is often portrayed as simple as eating healthy and watch the pounds shed off. But, in practice, it hardly seems as easy, right? Often, you’d see no change or experience stagnation after an initial drop. In order to...