How our client support network is great for YOU!🙌

How our client support network is great for YOU!🙌

May 04, 2018

How our client support network is great for YOU!🙌

One of the many benefits of HerbalPlan is our Facebook support group.

We've teamed up with Danni's Body Goals and Fernutrition to create a support network filled with thousands of clients and members! 

But what's so great about it?

We Inform

Many people feel lost when they're first ordering from us. When you're new to something your head is usually full off questions. How do I make a shake? Have I chosen the right plan for me? And what on earth is PDM?! 😩

Our pinned post helps to guide you in the right direction; giving you a video of how to make the perfect shake, understanding what the healthy breakfast plan is and what each product does to benefit you!

 We discuss 

 With over 7000 clients in the group, we're never short of someone sharing a delicious recipe or a brilliant snack idea! 

Want to try a different flavour shake but not sure what to pick? Or you've heard about other products and want to find out some first hand info? Just make a post and you'll receive loads of feedback!

It doesn't stop there. We also have videos of workouts for you to do at home and in the gym 💪

We encourage

It's natural to sometimes lose motivation and feel deflated when you're not seeing instant results.

You're probably feeling that you're the only one who's ever been in this situation but believe me, you're not!

The group is a brilliant place to find that positive encouragement you need to make sure you don't give up ☺️



And why not share your results? 

You wont believe the positive feedback you'll get! Not only will it encourage you to keep going but you'll also help encourage others to keep going too!


Purchased from us before but not part of the group?

E-mail us at 📩