How to meal prep like a pro!

How to meal prep like a pro!

Jan 13, 2021

How to meal prep like a pro!


A beginners guide to meal prepping like a pro!

1. Keep your meal simple but full of tasty nutrition

The key to mastering meal prep is to start simple. 

Make one-pot recipes or focus on one main dish. Don’t spend a whole day cooking expensive and elaborate meals. Too many recipes can get in the way of preparing food fast and easily, ,  meaning you may struggle to find time and put off any meal prep. So start by making one recipe ahead of time. Once you're comfortable then the experimenting can happen, choose your favourite lean protein and and check out what’s in your spice cabinet- spices are great for metabolism.


2. Prep balanced meals

Depending on your diet and health goals, plan meals that will keep you satisfied. 

Make sure you get enough of the right food groups to fill out your macros, you want to focus on a good balance of healthy carbohydrates, (think wholemeal grains), a balance of healthy fats (think avocado and nuts) and also most importantly a high protein source to add to your meal. You can make your Formula 1 shakes the night before and set in the fridge ready to grab and go in the morning and have for your breakfast and lunch. This takes the stress out of thinking about 3 of your balanced mealsCook recipes you know you will love

Anything you won’t be satisfied with could result in wasted food (and wasted time).

3. Make enough food

This may sound silly but ensure you prep enough food to fit your plan. Keep your schedule in mind too so you have enough to last you when it is needed. If you’ll be working late make sure you have your dinner prepared in the fridge for when you’re home.


4. Batch cook

When cooking meals always make extra to leave in the fridge for the next few days as a go-to when short on time.

5. Use your weekends wisely

Dedicate a few hours over your weekend, maybe a Sunday afternoon to cook and prepare your food for the next week - buy some handy containers and divide your ingredients over the next 5 days so that you have all of your meals done, taking the stress out of cooking each night. You can also buy mini containers and mix up your Formula 1 shake powder and your Protein Drink Mix powder into 7 mini pots to have throughout the week - alternating flavours between breakfast and lunch. 

Finally, enjoy having more time each evening with less cooking to do!