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What does 'Join the team' mean?🧐


What does 'Join the team' mean?🧐

You’ve probably seen us posting on social media, encouraging you to join our team. But you probably kept scrolling because you didn’t know what it meant or didn’t know how you could benefit from it!
So what does it mean?
Joining our team means working alongside our fantastic group of mentors who help and support clients become a healthier and happier version of themselves.  
We’re essentially giving you a business opportunity! By helping others you can earn an extra income or a full time income. It all depends how much time you have put into it. We have team members who work full-time and through Herbalife have created an extra income that’s enabled them to get a flat, a new car and even paid for their wedding!
The opportunity is endless and we want to share it with as many people as we can!
Not ready to share with others?
The membership programme gives you an immediate discount of 25% so even if you’re not ready to sell Herbalife to other people, you can benefit from the discount for your own personal use!
Pretty good, right?
E-mail us on to get started!

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